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Shipments by parcel post or courier services are equipped with a bar code which is scanned on several occasions during the transport.

STRICO offers various solutions for postal and courier services:

Business reply shipments (GAS)
Mail-order companies and repair centers enclose a self-adhesive bar code label for one time use into their shipments so that the goods can be returned free of charge.

Flip-over addresses
Shipments that go back and forth between partners, for example head office and branch office of insurance companies or banks, libraries for blind people and the user etc., use sturdy flip-over addresses over and over again.

Return address labels
These are tough labels that are permanently fixed to standard plastic containers and other shipping devices in order to ensure their return to their place of origin.

Ask us for the best solution for your postal shipments.

Strichcodeetiketten für Postsendungen

Bar code labels for parcel post